Due to it’s vast geographical location, our beloved country Iran, can become the axis of the transit corridor of the east, west, north and south as a trade router for Asia and Europe

In this direction, with the help of God Almighty and to implement the scripts of the Supreme Leader and government policies, with the support of the CEO and officials of the Kish Free Zone Organization with seriousness and empathy to achieve this great goal that leads to economic prosperity of Kish Island, province and country. We will do our best. Creating free zones on the north and south coasts of the country and along the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf and Oman with the aim of facilitating and accelerating international trade and exchanges has been a prudent strategy to make the most of the country’s maritime capacity.

Following the implementation of the Supreme Leader’s menus in explaining the country’s maritime advantages in the general policies of the Sixth Development Plan by presenting a model derived from Islamic thinking in the field of progress that is completely independent of the global capitalist system in paragraphs 19, 21, 23 and 28 on productivity From the seas, they emphasized sea-based development, economic progress, maritime transport and maritime ecotourism, and in order to fulfill government policies and the mission assigned to free zones, as the first free zone in the country due to its geographical location and existing and developing infrastructure. Kish Island can play an important role in the transit of goods and passengers in the region as an intermediary port. Existence of about 5800 km of coastline and proximity to the Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and Caspian Sea from both domestic and international perspectives has many advantages for our country and can be a fulcrum for Iran’s political, economic and theoretical authority. With the aim of turning this free zone into an intermediary port and providing support services to domestic ports and ports of neighboring countries, Kish port development plan is being designed and implemented with the expertise of expert teams and achieving sustainable development and income from this valuable God-given advantage. Our goal is to develop and manage the ports and airports of Kish Free Zone.